Copyright and Use Description

This section describes what a subscriber can and cannot do with an issue of the Recycle Record. Just because you pay to get the market report doesnít necessarily mean that you can do whatever you want with it. Industrial Reporting Inc., (IRI), the publisher of the Recycle Record, owns the copyright to all content in the publication except where otherwise noted.

As IRI works to protect its rights, it will begin to issue new language on subscription forms, renewal notices, and the Recycle Record Web site to better educate customers. IRI will also crack down on copyright abuse using whatever means necessary to protect the long-term viability of the product while working with customers to find new ways to meet their changing needs.

Letís clear up any confusion about what can and cannot be done with Recycle Record content.

The following are legal uses of Recycle Record content:

The following are illegal uses of Recycle Record content:

Copyright Clearance: From time to time, IRI does authorize paid subscribers to make copies and provide content to customers and third parties on a limited basis. Each copyright request is judged on a case by case basis and may involve a small copyright clearance fee. If you would like to provide copies of the report to clients on a one time basis and need to request a copyright clearance, please call 800-805-0263 and ask for Chaille Brindley or Jeff McBee.

Please be aware that by illegally forwarding the Recycle Record to other individuals or even your customers, you may be putting them in a sticky legal position. If you would like to make the Recycle Record available to your customers on a regular basis, please call Jeff at 800-805-0263 to discuss how you can legally do that. The Recycle Record staff has enjoyed serving the pallet and low grade lumber industries and looks forward to more good years to come.